Five of the Best: Earthenware Storage Jars

Glazed earthenware makes beautiful storage jars – the earthenware itself is relatively easy to shape, and the glaze makes it watertight. This is nothing new of course – in fact pit-fired earthenware has been produced as early as 29,000 BC. So, what we can say with confidence is: today’s choice of five earthenware storage jars isn’t going to go out of fashion in a hurry!

Habitat Tira Small Orange Storage Jar with Black and White Stripes

Tira Small Orange Storage Jar – £7.50 (was £10), Habitat

Add instant cheer to your kitchen with the addition of the Tira small orange storage jar which has a wide-mouthed bottle shape and is painted in parallel bands of black and white topped with a panel of orange. A wooden lid with a silicone seals makes it airtight. It’s part of a range of similarly-painted jars in different sizes and colours – all of which are currently on sale, so there’s never been a better time to upgrade your storage options!

Rick Stein Coves of Cornwall Earthenware Storage Jar - 1L

Coves of Cornwall Earthenware Storage Jar – £17, Rick Stein

We’re sure seafood enthusiast Rick Stein knows a thing or two about storage and this elegant earthenware jar is part of his exclusive collaboration with John Lewis. The tall, cylindrical cream-coloured pot – which has the capacity of one litre – is painted on one side with the abstract blue Coves of Cornwall logo. It’s topped with a wooden lid that fits tightly and has a rather rustic, threaded rope handle.

Brigitte earthenware floral vintage pot in blue and green
Brigitte earthenware floral vintage pot in blue and green – £5.35, Maisons du Monde

Who can resist the retro, almost Scandinavian style of this earthenware storage jar from Maisons du Monde? We know we can’t! Microwave and dishwasher-proof, the 7cm high (and 11cm in diameter) Brigitte jar features a gorgeous floral and foliage design in shades of yellow, orange and light blue and has a circular lid with a natural wooden finish which slots on tightly to provide perfect storage.

M&S Textured Storage Jar Medium

Textured Storage Jar Medium – £9.50, M&S

Stylish without being obtrusive, M&S’s storage jar has a pleasing texture thanks to recessed honeycomb shapes on its surface. This medium-sized version is part of a wider range that includes a small version (with the same proportions) and a large tub that’s somewhat shorter and fatter. The jars have wooden lids and are available in charcoal grey as well as in this cream-coloured variety.

Blue Spot Plain Store Jar Set by Fairmont and Main Ltd

Blue Spot Plain Store Jar Set – £27.57 (was £56.97), Fairmont and Main Ltd

We finish with a trio of earthenware store jars. Perfect for both town or country kitchens, they are hand-decorated with a spot design in three different shades of blue on a cream background. The handle of the matching jar lids – all of which have airtight seals to ensure contents remain fresh – are painted in dark blue. Matching textiles are available and this fine set is currently on sale – so act now if you fancy a kitchen revamp!

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