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Five Beautiful Copper Touch Table Lamps

Copper has never been more popular in interior design than it is at the moment, and with good reason – it manages to look striking while somehow also evoking a warm atmosphere. The effect is enhanced when the metal is used in a light fitting – and, with this in mind, we present our favourite copper touch-sensitive table lamps.

John Lewis Destiny Touch Lamp in Copper

Destiny Touch Lamp in Copper – £60, John Lewis

The elaborately-etched copper-coloured steel cylinder that forms the exterior of this gorgeous Destiny table lamp is only part of the story. Within, you’ll find a multitude of clear, faceted glass beads that refract the light residing at the centre. It’s also a practical lamp, with a three-stage touch dimmer; a simple tap to the base enables you to select your favourite setting. This beautiful lamp is also available with a chrome finish.

Premier Cameo Touch Table Lamp in Copper with White Shade

Cameo Touch Table Lamp in Copper with White Shade – £55, Premier Housewares

Premier Housewares’ ball table lamp is a stand-out piece that’ll add luxury to any setting. Its base is formed from four connected steel balls with a copper finish, and these are finished off by a simple round white fabric shade. Touch the orb frame to activate the lamp and move it through its three brightness levels. If you like the shape but not the colour, a version is also available with a chrome-finished base.

Ukai Fisherman 38cm Touch Table Lamp by MiniSun

Ukai Fisherman 38cm Touch Table Lamp – £41.99 (was £59.99), MiniSun

We can’t resist the curvy yet chunky form of this Ukai fisherman’s touch table lamp which has a four-stage touch dimmer switch. A curved arm extends from a thick circular base and supports a large, traditionally-shaped light shade and bulb. This stylish piece currently available with £18 off its original price tag, so there’s never been a better time to get your hands on this statement table lamp!

Angelo Copper Circle Touch Table Lamp

Angelo Copper Circle Touch Table Lamp – £24.99, Very.co.uk

This lamp looks like it belongs centre-stage at the school nativity play, so we are not surprised it’s called Angelo!  Very.co.uk’s copper touch table lamp has a really unique design: a bare bulb emerges from a chunky, copper-coloured cylindrical base, from the sides of which extend two parallel metal rods that reach out to form a circle. The 35cm-high piece will make a great, atmospheric addition to your home.

Maya Pair Of Copper Touch Lamps With Cream Fabric Shades

Maya Pair Of Copper Touch Lamps With Cream Fabric Shades – £20, Habitat

What do you mean, one lamp isn’t enough? OK then: we present – for a rather astonishing twenty quid – Habitat’s Maya lamps. This cute duo pair copper-coloured, touch-operated bases with crisp white shades – though, if these don’t match your colour scheme, versions with silver-coloured bases are also available with either black, grey or cream-coloured shades. At this price, we’ll have one (or rather two) of each!

Five Fabulous Soap Dispensers

So often it’s the details that matter when it comes to creating a particular atmosphere in your home – and today, we’re focussing on one of those details. The humble soap dispenser might not occupy much space in your bathroom, but it can certainly create a feeling of style or luxury. Join us as we present our five currently-available favourites.

Morphy Richards Sensor Soap Dispenser 250ml in Red

Sensor Soap Dispenser 250ml in Red – £10.99 (was £12.99), Morphy Richards

Pushing out liquid from a bottle might not seem like the most onerous task, but that isn’t the point of this 250ml sensor soap dispenser – the fact you don’t need to touch it for it to yield its contents means it’s ultra-hygienic. Operated by three AAA batteries, it’s made from non-corrosive stainless steel and is available in black, cream and chrome as well as in this rather striking bright red version.

Slim Joseph Joseph Soap Dispenser, Blue, 350ml

Slim Soap Dispenser, Blue, 350ml – £12, Joseph Joseph

If you have a sleek aesthetic in your bathroom, this soap dispenser from Joseph Joseph could be the one for you with its clean lines and pale blue and white colour scheme. The top of the dispenser flaps open so you can insert your favourite handwash, and the nozzle has been specially designed so as to not clog up with soap. Even so, the product comes with a two-year guarantee should you encounter any problems.

Biba Black Glass Soap Dispenser

Black Glass Soap Dispenser – £20, Biba

Fans of late ’60s and early ’70s glamour (or indeed Art Deco) will appreciate this Biba soap dispenser which is made from black glass and bears Barbara Hulanicki’s famous brand logo in an eye-catching gold finish. It’s part of a range of glassware that includes a tumbler and cotton wool ball jar – all of which perfectly match the other Biba bathroom items, such as towels, mirrors and even toilet brushes!

Rainbow Soap Dispenser by Gedy

Rainbow Soap Dispenser – £28.99 (was £40), Gedy

In a bold lime green colour, this Rainbow soap dispenser from Gedy is a real attention-grabber! This sizeable piece is made from durable thermoplastic resin and is part of a range that includes a wastebin toothbrush holder and tissue box cover – all of them available in a bewildering array of equally bright colours, such as lilac, orange, pink, blue and red. With over a tenner off, this is a perfect way to start your Rainbow collection!

Wilko Soap Dispenser Gold

Soap Dispenser Gold – £5, Wilko

You can always rely on Wilko for producing quality items that look more expensive than the price tag would lead you expect and this gold soap dispenser certainly does that. It’s part of a range of matching gold bathroom accessories that includes a waste bin and a shower caddy – and were you to invest in all three you’d still have change from twenty quid! At just a fiver, this dispenser is great way to add a bit of glamour to the smallest room in the house!