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Say Cheese: The Best Food Graters

What do you do when all the ready-grated Cheddar has sold out?! It’s an emergency, sure, but you steady your nerves – and your arms – and reach for your trusty old cheese grater. But what if your cheese grater is more rusty than trusty? In that case, it’s time to get your hands on a new one – you’ll find that the world has moved on from the simple box grater, as our five favourite cheese – no, food – graters will show:

3-in-1 Grater by Tower

3-in-1 Grater – £16.99 (was £24.99), Tower

We begin with Tower’s Health 3-in-1 grater, which promises to help you ‘grate, peel and shred your way to a healthier diet.’ The three interchangeable plates – which can be safely stored inside when you’re not using them – slide onto the unit and form a grater that performs the function of your choice, whether it’s grating cheese, peeling fruit or shredding vegetables. The separate components are easy to clean and the handle has a comfortable grip.

Microplane Cube Grater

Cube Grater – £19.95, Microplane

We love the convenience of the rather cute cube grater by Microplane, which features three blades to grate your food (everything from cheese to chocolate to carrots) into fine, ribbon or coarse textures and shapes. The grater fits over a transparent box which is marked on the side so you can measure quantities and this also doubles as a protective cover for the grater, which measures 8.3cm along each side.

OXO Good Grips Grate and Slice Set

Good Grips Grate and Slice Set – £30, OXO

The OXO Good Grips Grate and Slice Set is every bit as practical as you’d expect from a brand that has become renowned for sturdy kitchen utensils. It consists of a container, into which slide four colour-coded grating surfaces, for straight and julienne slices, as well as coarse and medium grating. These can be used either above a bowl or on the lid, which will collect the grated or sliced ingredients. It has non-slip feet and a handle, to enable a secure grip.

Kuhn Rikon Ratchet Red Cheese Grater
Red Ratchet Cheese Grater – £15, Kuhn Rikon

Tired of grinding away for the sake of a bit of cheese? Make those bleeding knuckles a thing of the past with the fabulous Kuhn Rikon red ratchet grater. All you have to do is insert cheese into the ‘door’, move the ratchet back and forth and – lo and behold – cheese will fall neatly from the grater. It has super-sharp stainless blades, is easy on the hands and can grate cheese and chocolate equally easily.

Wilko Grater with Container Taupe/Silver Effect

Grater with Container – £2, Wilko.com

We get it – all of these colour-coded plates and julienne-slicing options are all very well but…what if you just want to take some Cheddar apart? (And…what’s parmesan?!) We have the answer: Wilko’s grater with an attached container. It features an oval-shaped grater that slots on top of a tidy taupe container, which collects the cheese but also  – with the attached lid – can be stored for later use. It also happens to be incredible value at just two quid!