Empowering scientists to reach for the edge of the possible

ARIA is an R&D funding agency built to unlock scientific and technological breakthroughs that benefit everyone.

Many of society’s most important advances have stemmed from those with the foresight to pursue new capabilities that most believed to be unattainable.

ARIA empowers scientists and engineers with the resources and freedom to pursue those breakthroughs.

Many will fail to meet their target, but their efforts will inspire the next generation. Those that do succeed will generate massive social and economic returns.

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From thermodynamic computing to programmable plants, our PDs are shaping opportunities at the edge of the possible.

What success looks like

Our success is shaped by one question: when the children of the UK grow up, how will their lives have been transformed by ARIA’s work? Whether that’s a life-changing technology or a burgeoning new industry, it should be obvious that ARIA played a catalytic role.

To get there, we’ll need to relentlessly focus on long-term impact over easy wins. The journeys to the greatest science and technology breakthroughs have always combined a seemingly unattainable vision with resilience in the face of setbacks. We’ll need to embrace experimentation and intentional changes of course. As we do, we’ll generate new ideas and uncover new paths forward.

Above all: we’ll need to support bold researchers with the foresight to look beyond what exists today to the breakthroughs we’ll need tomorrow.

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