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Answering your questions

Ahead of submitting your application, we encourage you to read our funding FAQs and our opportunity seed FAQs. If you still have questions related to the Nature Computes Better opportunity seed funding call, please reach out to

We’ll update this page twice a week with answers.

Nb: clarification questions should be submitted no later than 14.04.24 at 00:00 BST. Clarification questions received after this date will not be reviewed. 

“I applied for this opportunity seed previously but was not shortlisted. Am I eligible to apply again with the same project (but modified proposal)?”

You are eligible to apply again to the Nature Computes Better funding call, provided your idea is in scope of the criteria of the specific funding call. However, we would encourage you to only submit proposals that are materially different from any previously unsuccessful proposals.

If you are intending to re-submit, we recommend reading the general feedback on applications received in Round 1 here.


“Please send a list of funded projects from Round 1 of opportunity seed funding for Nature Computes Better space.”

We have selected our shortlisted applicants and are currently in the process of negotiating contracts/grants. Until these contracts/grants are signed we are unable to share further details. 

Once they are signed, we will be publishing information on who we have awarded funding to. In addition, as part of our transparency data, a list of our signed contracts and grants (over the value of £25k) will be published on our website at the end of every quarter.


“I wanted to find out if we, as a catapult and RTO, are allowed 100% FEC?”

ARIA funds at 100%. There are a three different options for how you could include overheads/indirect costs in your proposal, detailed as below:

  1. Full Economic Costs – this should be in line with the TRAC method.
  2. 25% on Employee costs and 5% on external costs.
  3. Your own methodology – if you choose this method we will ask for evidence of how this is calculated.


“Are there any restrictions as to how the budget can be spent if awarded (i.e. can the costs be transferred between staff costs/consumables/travel, etc)?”

At the application stage Creators will be asked to submit a forecast of costs split between categories of spend. As we progress through the project there is no restriction on moving spend between categories as the project evolves and requirements may change. We will ask for regular re-forecasts where creators can highlight changes to their budgets, which will be done in conjunction with the programme director.


“There are some ongoing concerns here at my institution about the ongoing employment costs for PI staff associated with ARIA awards, in the event of mid-project termination. I understand there is a commitment to continue funding for PhD students, which is welcome, but we would value anything you can say about the risks to employers about other unavoidable ongoing costs related to an ARIA project (such as employment costs) when a project is terminated before the expected end point.”

We’ve received some feedback on the subject of unavoidable losses as a result of termination, so have decided to include some terms in our standard grants agreement around the ability to recover unavoidable losses in the event of termination for convenience. We’re in the process of drafting these and will update our public documents shortly.


“I haven’t received any response to my application. How will I receive any notifications in response to my application?”

We will be communicating the outcome of your application using emails sent from our application system. Please ensure the sender is ‘allow listed’ within your organisation to ensure you receive any updates from us.