Want to become an ARIA Programme Director?

We’re launching recruitment for our second cohort of Programme Directors in September 2024, to take post in 2025.

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What you’ll do

As an ARIA Programme Director, you will ideate then create a programme around your own scientific or technical vision.

Overseeing a budget of £50M, you will select, fund and manage a diverse portfolio of R&D projects to unlock scientific and technological breakthroughs that benefit everyone.

You’ll build communities centred around your programme’s vision, and play an integral role shaping ARIA’s early culture and impact.

How we’ll support you

ARIA will empower you to think bigger and more creatively, and unleash your vision for transformative change.

We’ll help you work through the tough times and build a bespoke support structure around you, including a dedicated technical and operational team. Your programme team will help you design, launch and manage your programme, from inception to activation and beyond.

Beyond that, we’ll leverage our networks in the UK and abroad to advance your goals, embed you with our first cohort of Programme Directors and their communities, and offer resources and connectivity through our Activation Partners – who are driving translational activities to help catalyse entrepreneurial talent and venture creation across ARIA’s opportunity spaces.

Who you are
  • You’re intrinsically motivated to have an outsized impact on the world and solve a big, meaningful problem
  • You’re deeply technical in at least one field, and open to exploring others
  • You have experience of taking a scientific/technical vision from idea to execution – that might look like building your own start-up, or running your own research lab
  • You’re comfortable with uncertainty and thrive in highly dynamic, high-stakes situations
  • You’re a proven leader who can inspire and unite others towards ambitious goals (through both traditional and non-traditional means), confidently handle hard conversations and make difficult decisions
  • You have a high level of belief and conviction in your own ideas, whilst remaining highly collaborative and receptive to feedback
  • Your superpower is seeing opportunity and possibility where others wouldn’t
  • You’re able to spend your time in the UK, and show intense commitment to ARIA and public service
  • You have an idea of what problem you want to solve, and conviction in a set of beliefs (but you don’t have to have a fully baked vision).